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Peter John Ellis

Mobile number/s:  0823769359
Resided in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and now in the Republic of South Africa.
Thirty four years experience in the procurement, import and export processes throughout the world.
Long term relations with both existing clientele and suppliers.





Anna Pitts

Mobile Number:  076 893 6448
Recently relocated from the United Kingdom with experience in the Personal Injury Industry doing Legal Cost Auditing
Responsible for all the admin functions within the company and works closely with Peter regarding all the administrative duties.

Export Express was established in 1979 to satisfy the needs of clientele in Central Africa who had restricted access to everyday goods and services due to Foreign Exchange restrictions.  Acting as a Central Procurement and Distribution Portal we have prided ourselves in being a “One-Stop Shop”, reaching to those in remote areas who are unable to acquire essential goods and services at the most competitive pricing.

With nearly 34 years experience in procurement, logistics and distribution, we have served a multitude of people, commercial businesses and organisations (both Governmental and Non-Governmental).  We have developed close relations with Christian Missionary Hospitals, Schools and Mission Stations across Africa as well as the agricultural, tea, petroleum and mining industries.