What Is The SADC Trade Agreement All About?

The objectives of the SADC trade agreement are to:

  • Further liberalise intra-regional trade in goods and services on the basis of fair, mutually equitable and beneficial trade arrangements, complemented by Protocols in other areas
  • Ensure efficient production within SADC reflecting the current and dynamic comparative advantages of its Members
  • Contribute towards the improvement of the climate for domestic, cross-border and foreign investment
  • Enhance the economic development, diversification and industrialisation of the Region
  • Establish a Free Trade Area in the SADC Region.


More specifically, the agreement aims to:

  • Eliminate barriers to intra-SADC trade
  • Eliminate import duties based on a phased approach
  • Eliminate all export duties
  • Eliminate non-tariff barriers
  • Apply no new quantitative import restrictions
  • Eliminate quantitative export restrictions

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